Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tribute to Abby

Abby is our tri-color collie who has been with us for going on 6.5 years. Unfortunately she is no longer around, as she died sometime on the morning of December 20th, 2006, at the vet hospital, the victim of Autoimmune Hymolytic Anemia. It is a rather bizzarre disease that consists of the antibodies attacking red blood cells, effectively destroying the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. The result is that the body is starved of oxygen. Her red blood cell count was down to 11.7% which explains why she could barely move the last couple days of her life. Her body was not getting oxygen.

There is more to say about her disease and her sudden departure. The more important matter at this point is to remember her as a significant member of our household, and our life together. So, this web log is dedicated to Abby, the very pretty and distinctive tri-color collie, 1999 - 12-20-2006.


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