Monday, August 27, 2012

This is Ziva, the new German Shepherd.  She was adopted from a home in Southern West Virginia, a place where she was not getting the attention, socialization and training that she needs.  I picked her up at the beginning of February.  She has just turned 2 at the beginning of January, 2012.

Ziva comes from a really good breed line, with papers going back to Stuttgart, Germany.  She is a good mix of German and American lines, very high energy, athletic and affectionate.  However, she does get anxious around new people and new situations.  But, we are working on that.  I am sure she will settle down a lot as she matures and gets plenty of exposure to new settings.  Ziva is around 70 lbs. and is a longcoat GSD. 


Blogger troutbirder said...

A handsome dog indeed. We love our GSD Baron as well... :)

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