Sunday, February 25, 2007

Holly in the Snow Dec. 2006

Posted by PicasaThis is Holly in the snow, Christmas time 2006. As noted in other posts, she is a bit self-indulgent, and frankly, does not particularly like other dogs. In fact, she is a bit dog aggressive, and never particularly liked Qunicy. However, a dramatic change came over her the last week of Quincy's life. The Quinc was very sick, had to be taken out often in the midst of the night. He had diarrhea and the last couple of days was throwing up. Holly started waking us up everytime Quincy was in distress. Not once or twice, but repeatedly during the night, and if we did not take action, pick Quince, take him outside, whatever was needed, she would get us back out of bed again. It was pretty amazing. She would wake us, and lead us over to Quincy's bed to make sure he was cared for. Of course, always before, she was basically disdainful of him. What a transformation. The other thing that has happened since then is that she has become more playful toward other dogs, including our new sheltie, Luke. She does not always like him, would prefer to dominate him, but now she also plays with him. Quincy had a big impact on Holly, once again the mystry of dogs and how they understand and perceive the world, and react to mattes of life and death.


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