Sunday, March 10, 2013

Luke in Action - Baron Close at Hand

Luke is the consummate, persistent pursuer of Frisbees!  That is all he wants to do, well, except to run around the back yard barking at birds and planes that flyer overhead.  He manages a no-fly-zone over our back yard.  Ok, the planes ignore him.  But, the hawks, geese and other high flyers do leave when he starts leaping and barking at them.  And then with the Frisbee, if I throw it to the right place, he will catch  it 90% of the time.  Also, I simply have to be prepared to throw toys for him if I go outside.  He picks one up, follows me around, drops it and then barks repeatedly telling me what to do!  He is one funny guy!  

Ziva is learning to grab the Frisbee!! 

Then this is Ziva in action! She is learning and she is getting pretty good at chasing and catching Frisbees and Kong toys. She will leave the ground when leaping to catch it, bring it back and sit, at a little bit of distance, drop it on command, and then start following me around with a sense of anticipation and excitement, waiting for me to throw again.
Another good example of Ziva learning to catch.  She gets into it.


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