Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quincy in the Snow

Quincy was our first dog, retrieved from Tri State Collie Rescue in 1996. He was already 5 years old when we got him. He was a troubled kid, separation anxiety, a biter.........and no, not much has changed in 10 years. We have just learned how to manage it. These days he has arthritis, is losing his sight and hearing, and he gets babied a lot. Sometimes we have to carry him up the steps. Truthfully, because of his anxiety, he is the most trouble of all the dogs we've had here, but he is the favorite of my wife Becky and daughter Andrea. So, it's interesting how those things play out. Quincy became very sick with chronic diarrhea over the summer of 2007. After weeks of treatment at Gahanna Animal Hospital and the OSU Vet Hospital, he was put to sleep at OSU on July 20, 2007. That was a very difficult process, very sad, but I have two tributes to make. One is to the vet, vet student and staff at OSU. They were amazing!! I have never received such care and attention as I did there. Of course, it is partly for the vet student which is a great learning experience for them. But, they cover all the bases, are very attentive, caring and provide and extensive amount of information about the different options. Truthfully, speaking as clergy, many pastors could learn from the staff, students and attending vets at the Ohio State University Vet Hospital. The leader of the team was Dr. Robert Sherding, an excellent scientist and a compassionate person! The other tribute to be made is to Holly, the English Shepherd, who helped us care for Quincy during his last week with us. Read more about that under one of her pictures.
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